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            This is A true story of how a precious vision from God came to fulfilment past all odds and struggles in the life of man chosen by God, Mr . David Selvam. Lets hear the rest from the man himself

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Praise be to God, Being born to a musician I have been a musician myself since I was 10 and a composer since I was 12 years of age. Starting right from that age I now know that, it was God's unique calling and purpose in my life helped me grow, mature and journey through the  various phases of life and ‘Music’.

Having been blessed even at that time with the grace of composing over 1500 songs and with some wide exposure to music , I believe its Gods divine plan that brought me to Chennai in 2001, where I was destined to step into that higher level of his purpose and calling in my life. And so, carrying this vision in my heart, which was the desire to come up with quality music that set new standards. I began my next more important phase of life here in Chennai. Working on both Secular and gospel music, being determined to leave a mark of difference that spelt “upgraded”.


My fourth day in Chennai was at the renowned Avm studios for my first recording and that by itself was a symbolic start to a huge unseen carrier lying ahead of me as ordained by God. As led by Him, I continued working on Commercial, Gospel and secular projects that gave me enough experiences equipping me with sufficient knowledge and the required exposure to all different kinds and genres and varied aspects of music. Now thats when the unseen in the making started taking shape.


After the journey of nearly a decade here in Chennai, in 2010 having my own studio was the next thing on mind knowing it would take me closer to my vision and dreams in a more significant and customised way to add that intended change of professionalism to any music production that reached me.As a composer, Musician and technician,  there was a search within me to establish all under a roof serving like a production house where the difference in music as a whole could be felt and experienced. I knew I was getting nearer to seeing the vision become reality but the fact was that I simply couldn’t afford it back then because I had nothing in hand except for just 18 lakhs to make it all happen. Left with no other choice, I went in for a loan closer to only a crore which by itself wasn’t enough to me up which such an upgraded dream studio. Anyhow even that one core loan seemed merely impossible to be sanctioned owing to various reasons. At that crucial junction in my life. Myself and my wife Geetha’s faith in christ Jesus was unknowingly carrying me through to that experience of taking that last chance of trusting the same God once expecting a life changing miracle, which in turn was soon going to deeply and completely convict  me of the truth of the gospel and of the fact that Jesus Christ is my saviour and true living god. Little did I know I was once step was redefining myself  in  Christ Jesus as a whole heartedly born again believer.


I didn’t know I was going to surrender my all to him and find new identity in him. All as per his leading that was already at work in my life directing me towards his will. To my amazement and as a reward of our faith, God who gave me the vision provided for it and established it. He really did!!!


The expected miracle followed soon after the loan was sanctioned against all unfavourable conditions and some unbelievably hopeless phases of struggle. The miracle was something that strengthened our faith and especially mine like never before and made me a new person inside out! And guess what’s next?!


                         It was time for us to expect our next miracle as our estimated need jumped from 1.5 crores to 4 crores and this time was easier for us to blindly believe in God. Yet again our Jehovah Jireh unfailingly and very graciously supplied every need and finally in 2014 after that struggle some phase. Berachah Studios was finally set up as a house of divine Music Production with redefined approach. We were in awe to see it stand as a brand new, elegant and blessed place in the heart of Chennai and to this day its the heavenliest place on earth for us, because the story behind it and purpose before it make us feel God's divine presence in every nook and corner of it.

Its been 5 years now and God as he said remains faithful to his promise! Berachah Studio is all together a new experience of music where music's not just different, but is impactingly purposeful changing the lives of people who step in here. This fact motivates and inspires the gift of music within me all the more.

Having understood that my work is purpose driven, I realise the value of it and dedicatedly work every single day with all my heart to do nothing short the best for the glory of God. Starting from the equipments to the technological aspects to every single phase of effort and work involved, its all 'His Grace' that enables and provides. I praise God for the peculiar role he helps me play in bringing about the professionalism and change in music that He always made me dream of! With his help, we set new standards and I give him all Glory!!

So Welcome to Berachah Studios - OUR DIVINE HOUSE OF MUSIC. Step in to make Music a different experience where every small detail of music spells and sounds 'HEAVENLY' God Bless!!

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